About Us

If you Live in a place where you have a sufficient open space that receives sunlight, throughout whichever season, Solar Cooking is definitely for you!

The Sun Buckets is a social business for profit registered in the state of Illinois, USA as a Solar cooking and lighting company with offices in India, Nairobi Kenya and soon to be in Juba, South Sudan.

Our Innovations seek to address the global cooking crisis and related thermal energy needs like cooking, space heating, and water sanitation.

That you may cook only from using the Sun’s energy eliminating the need to use fuel, electricity or charcoal.

Our Vision is to become the world leader in the creation, development and deployment of energy technologies that converge the advancement of human civilizations with that of the environmental.

To profitably and sustainably introduce renewable energy into the world’s displaced and communities in conflict.

Payment Options;
You can pay for your products in daily, weekly, and monthly instalments under an appropriately designed Credit Scheme known as PAYGO that enables you to pay for products in small investments over time, hence improving the affordability for you and the society around you.